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We have seasoned firewood in stock! We sell two varieties of seasoned firewood:

  • Oak Firewood

  • Mixed Firewood 

Firewood is great to use for a seasonal bonfire, or to keep warm over the long winter. Whatever the case, call Oak Tree Service for a great product that will be sure to satisfy! Please call us today for delivery, stacking, and wholesale pricing!

Hardwood Mulch

Oak Tree Service is now selling hardwood mulch! We currently are offering mulch for sale in 3 varieties: 

  • Dark Brown Hardwood Mulch

  • Ruby Red Hardwood Mulch

  • Natural Hardwood Mulch

Mulch is a great way to make your property more aesthetically appealing. It also retains moisture to keep your plants healthy and well. Please call us today for installation, delivery, and wholesale pricing!

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